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2008-12-30 13:32:53 by Gahjirra

I have no news but i am bored so here is this. Fuck titty shit balls! Here is teh most uselessest news evar!

Oh shit X(

2008-11-13 22:06:33 by Gahjirra

My voice acting for gintasDX's game seems less likely as it has been so long. JUST CHECK MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL UNDER THE SAME NAME (gahjirra) there are a few flash animations that i felt unworthy of being on newgrounds plus many other types of videos.

Voice acting work

2008-10-21 19:48:10 by Gahjirra

I will possibly be voice acting for gintasDX's game, aliencide. heads up for that! And for youtube, i am in the making of multiple series.